The benefits of getting a Christmas job

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Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year and we’re not the only ones who feel it, many businesses do too! Think about the rise in the number of deliveries that need sorting and posting, the rate that chocolates and other treats fly off the supermarket shelves and the venues that are jam packed with Christmas parties. All this extra demand means that many businesses need to recruit additional staff and this has numerous benefits for those people looking for work, some of which you may not have thought of!

  1. Earn yourself some extra money

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of getting a Christmas job is the opportunity to earn extra money at one of the most expensive times of the year! Lots of companies need additional staff around Christmas meaning they’ll offer attractive hourly rates, scope for overtime and perhaps even some staff discounts and rewards on top! You can feel less guilty Christmas shopping knowing that you’re bringing in some extra cash this season.

  1. Experience

Getting a temporary job over Christmas is a great way to fill any gaps of unemployment on your CV and demonstrates that you are motivated and driven. While it may not be your first choice of career, temping is a way to build on your skills set and try out different types of work until a job in your field becomes available. Learning new skills not only enhances your CV but gives you more experience to draw from at interviews, increasing your chances of being employed in future roles. You may even discover you have some hidden talents!

  1. Long term prospects

Christmas temping is a prime chance to get your foot in the door. Some of the biggest brands take on additional staff to meet increased demand and by making a great impression it is more likely you will be considered for any permanent roles within the company. The internal contacts you make while you are there can be extremely valuable to you in the future so be sure to think ahead and leave a positive impression.

So, if you want to keep busy, enhance your CV and earn yourself some extra money before indulging in the extravagance of Christmas, contact Centric today to find out about our opportunities!

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